What we’re made of

Our last night at a campsite Jud and I sat around the campfire while the kids were snoozing and recounted the trip. The scariest part, the most exciting, the favorite, the let down, the biggest surprise etc., I know we will have some of the fondest memories or this trip. I am so proud of our kids and I try not to talk about them much; allow me this moment to lift them up though. They have become the best of friends, they have learned to look out for one another, help one another and have definitely learned how to press each other’s buttons. There are so many inside jokes and great memories made. Noah keeps referencing the next time, all Eli wants to do every time we get out of the car is hike and Korey has tested every limit from her fear of heights, small, dark spaces to “showerless” sites. I’ve always known our kids are tough but this trip they proved they are made of something much more. As we entered the motel room last night in Lawrence, Kansas the kids “oooed” and “ahhhed” over the TV, the beds, and of course the shower! It was so funny how accustomed we got to “roughing it”. Jud even brought the bear spray in, really. Eli and Noah remarked how nice it was not having to set up camp! Ha! It was a little weird and I found I had a little more energy before bed. 

I know heading back to Chesapeake is bittersweet. We are excited to see family, friends and our pets. We will not stop exploring and we will always remember, “Adventure is out there!”