A Grand Day

The rain definitely came down while we at the Grand Canyon. I am so happy we remembered our rain jackets. Korey kept commenting on people wearing plastic bags (ponchos) and how she was happy she didn’t have to wear one of those! We used that time to hit the visitor center, a shop and they market. The visitor center was super informative and interactive. Of course the boys were fixated of the replica of giant sloth poop. Meanwhile, Korey was checking out the interactive model of the canyon itself. 

The market actually had better choices for gifts than the gift shop. So we picked up a few things for dinner and headed on to the campsite. Surprisingly when we left the market, no rain!!! It seems that storms typically roll through pretty quickly out west. 

Everyone inhaled their food! They were hungry. They love the mountain pie pizza sandwiches we make and of course had to top it off with s’mores. 

The kids have learned so many things on this trip. Some things are profound while others necessary. For example, things like: which side of a post card you write the message on and which side you write the address to the importance of not feeding the wildlife and what it does to their bodies and their behavior. 

I have two little boys who are seriously thinking about being park rangers and I have a little girl who can climb anything and everything and wants to pursue rock climbing when we get back to Virginia. 

I am beyond happy we could give them this experience and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We got up this morning and broke camp early to head to the Bright Angel Trail. We didn’t hike the whole thing as it’s pretty steep but we got another look at the vast canyon. As you look and another corner catches your eye, your mind has a hard time comprehending the beauty right before your very eyes. We encountered some horses on the trail and the kids claim we now need horses when we get our “next house”. And sorry Papa but Eli has some big plans for a tree house. He drew up the blue prints and all, somehow it will have to fit a triple bunk bed! Ha! 

Heading towards the Petrified Forest now!


It takes a village

We made it to Ohio and I as I sit on the porch of my parents house, drinking my morning coffee, I am thankful for all the people who have made this trip possible. 

It’s important to get to know the people around you. More importantly the ones that live in your neighborhood. On Brisa we look after one another. So many of them are pulling together to care for the house, the lawn, the garden, the cats, the dogs. Thank you, Brian and family, Chad and family, Charlene and Rob, and Mr. Bob.

Fallon and Matt are taking on the daunting task of caring for our two dogs along with their two dogs and a brand new sweet baby girl. Fallon also helped me set up this blog and has been a huge cheerleader for me! Thank you, love! 

Lastly, the support financially, emotionally and mentally has come from our families. The past couple weeks were a blur: end of the school year for the kids to buying a car to end of the school year for us. Thank you, Mom and Dad for taking the kids for the past week. I know they have had a blast and have made some great memories! Thank you, Jill and Jim for running back and forth from Va Beach to help us and for being as excited as we are about this trip! I appreciate all those family members who have given us gear or have gifted the kids spending money/Visa cards. They are so excited to have their own money and of course can’t wait to spend it!

It certainly takes a village and I am super blessed with an amazing one!