My Journal

I got to swim in The Narrows this week. It got deeper. Jessie walked with me and wanted to climb rocks with me. I think it is a river for animals. A park ranger told us the pools are for animals and people shouldn’t swim in them. I am going to listen to her. When we were playing in the river we made bridges from the rocks. 

It was hot in the tent. I said we needed air conditioning in there. I didn’t get how it was hot in the tent and cold outside. 

The next day we went back to Zion and I talked to a park ranger. I scared her when I pointed out a squirrel and Jessie was there. My sister said there were fish that weren’t nice in the river. So that’s why we built a bridge.

We drove from the desert and stopped for slurpees. We deserved it and it’s also seven-eleven day. We got the show on the road. Then we went to the Grand Canyon. I saw a lot of rocks and a river. 

Then we went to the campsite. We were playing on the log and whoever fell off would lose. Then Korey said the log is the bad guy and he tries to knock us over. I designed a tree house on paper not in a tree. It’s too bad we can’t build one in our tree. 


My Journal

We played hide and seek. Then I gave up and went to the campsite. We saw lizards, which God made. We went for a hike to the General Grant tree. God made that tree. I crawled through a tree and climbed big rocks. Then we were walking back to the campsite and saw three deers. We ate lunch and then I hung out in my hammock. 

We went to Hume Lake. I slid down rock slides and played in the water. 

Then we went to the campsite and started a fire. We had dinner. I played with Noah on the rocks tonight. We collected 22 pine cones and we add them to the fire.

The stars are out right now. 

My Journal

We played in the water and God made the water. We got in the car and drove to look at the trees. The trees were big and God made them. The trees were called Sequoias. I saw trees that were burnt and I think a thunderstorm or forest fire did that. We slided down a tree. I found a friend and he had the same shirt as me. We both took pictures. He said “see ya later baconater!” He was from Kentucky. 

We went to the gift shop and now we are at the campsite. My and I went to see the sunset. God made the sunset. Noah, Korey and I played on the rocks. We ate dinner and started a fire. The moon and stars are out. I know God made the moon and stars and sun. God is really nice. Thank you, Lord.

My Journal

We went to Seattle. We went hiking and played at the beach. We watched tv with Austin, Aren and the baby (Curren). The baby picked on me and stole my car and the baby stealed my food. We saw a troll and if you touch its eye it glows up. Their home is in Washington.
I liked Crater Lake. I liked throwing snowballs at Mom. We saw a boat in the lake. I thought they were gonna get killed because there is a volcano under it.

We got to Francisco and then we walked on the bridge. We got to go to Anya’s house and play with her toys. They weren’t there and I thought we were moving in. We saw the Pacific Ocean too. We saw a whale. I saw the water spout out of its hole. 

Then we went to the campsite. I saw a deer, and a waterfall. Then we came back and Mom cooked dinner. Then we ate and had a fire. Right now the stars and the moon are out. Thank you, Lord for the beautiful day.

My Journal

We hiked a trail. I played in the snow on the trail. I said it was revenge for mommy and I hit her with a snowball. 

Finally we got to the Going to the Sun road. Then we walked all the way down to the car. 

We drove to a restaurant and then to the campsite. We played with the boys down at the waterfall in the creek. The boys are Quinn and Connor and have a sister named Bella. They are from Virginia. After we played in the water, we changed and started a fire and we had some s’mores. Noah saw a red squirrel and it had big ears. 

My Journal

Today we hiked. And I dunked my head in waterfalls. We saw a moose and her baby. We got to the top and then we checked out the view.  I got a compass bracelet. I am learning how to use it.

We got to the car and drove to the campsite. We started a fire and had dinner. Then we went to the bear show with Park Ranger Kelsey.

My Journal

We got on the road and we saw a mama black bear and a baby black bear and we saw a mama grizzly and her baby a few days before. The black ones are not the same. My mom said it could be my new family because I have a black bear hat. I called them “my gang”. 

On our way to the new campsite we saw some elk and then we got a little bit of food for dinner. We started dinner and had a fire. That’s all I want to say.