The adventure truly began when I left the north and headed south to a city and place I knew nothing about. I was recruited to teach Spanish at a local high school and I began to set some roots. Quite quickly (like everything in my life), I met Judson, got married, had children and have continued to explore since the day we first met. Judson and I have always loved the outdoors. Surfing, hiking, climbing, biking, running, the list goes on and if we were vehicles, we would be considered “all terrain”. Noah, Korey, and Eli have enjoyed the many treks we have taken and always look forward to our next outing. We know we are doing something right as parents when our children want to be outdoors, hiking or at the beach as opposed to hanging out indoors on a video game console. There is so much world out there and if you do not get out in it, the life it gives passes you by. I hope you enjoy as we share our explorations with you! “Adventure is out there!” ~Ellie, Disney’s Up