We weathered a pretty rocking storm last night. It dropped the temps though so it was warmly welcomed. 

We packed up camp, grabbed one last shower (they were great! There was a pull string so you didn’t waste water) and headed out the north entrance of Snow Canyon. We also had to celebrate July 11th with some free slurpees from 7-11!

There were so many beautiful scenes on our way to the Grand Canyon. We stopped at Le Fevre Overlook in Fredonia, Arizona. You could see so far in the distance, it was almost overwhelming. We also stopped at the Navajo Bridge and saw the Colorado River. I made lunch while everyone checked out different views and of course the kids climbed the rocks. Korey even wandered over to a Navajo jeweler. She came back and told me the woman was so nice and lowered the price of a crystal necklace from $30 to $25 just for her (meanwhile, Korey has already spent all of her money and got a crystal necklace in Seattle). 

After some car karaoke (Bohemian Rhapsody a must), we made it to the Grand Canyon. With some storm clouds in the background and an occasional lightning strike, the views were stunning. We are doing the South Rim and stopped at the Watchtower first. We hiked down a little trail to get another view, i can’t say better because every view is breathtaking. Yet once again, I feel so small next to something so deep, vast, and luxurious.  


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