We met up with Jess Ehrbar in Utah. I was so happy to see her and be able to catch up with her. She moved to Arizona and was a former athlete of Jud’s. She has totally become family and we miss her. We are currently desert camping in Snow Canyon State Park. The first night was rough. It was super hot and we hadn’t acclimated just yet. After a pretty sleepless night, I tried to put my contacts in. I think with a combination of no sleep, dry eyes and dry weather, the contacts revolted. So, glasses it was. 

We headed up to Zion. Once again, no words can describe the awesome beauty of the sandstone and it’s varying reds and oranges. We hiked Emerald Pools and saw the lower, middle and upper pools along with an amazing waterfall. After hanging out at the upper pool and cooling off in the shade and the water we headed down the Grotto Trail. 

Zion has shuttles that run to nine different stops throughout the park. Before we hopped on the shuttle we played in the river. The kids built a rock bridge to the rapids and I climbed a tree that hung over the river. The tree was super relaxing and allowed for some cool views. 

We ventured up to the Riverside trail in order to hike a little into The Narrows. We saw plenty of squirrels (super tame and love people) and a few deer (three bucks and two females).

We got to the end of the trail and started into the river. The Narrows hike is pretty much a water hike. The further you hike down the river the closer the canyon walls come together (hence, it’s name The Narrows). The water was super clear and the further you hiked the cooler the water.

The kids, of course had a blast swimming and playing in the water. You may be able to take the beach kids away from the beach, but they will find a way to get to the water.

We headed back to the visitors center after an amazing day in Zion. I encountered a fellow educator on the shuttle. He teaches History and was on a trip with a few seniors. They were from Northern California and are heading to Colorado before they head home. We both agreed that traveling and being outside enjoying nature is a great way to spend the summer. 


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